VisualCV Tutorial

Linking a portfolio image to another portfolio item helps add dimension to your VisualCV. Follow these steps to interlink portfolio items to visually enhance your VisualCV.

Not sure how to decide on and create an image that represents your portfolio item? View tips on taking "snapshots" of your screen

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Linking Portfolio Items

  1. Decide whether you want to add your portfolio section to the main column of your VisualCV or to the sidebar area, and then click the Portfolio button beneath the Add to Main Column or Add to Sidebar headings.
    Add Portfolio Section

    A new Portfolio section is added to your VisualCV

  2. Click the Add a Portfolio Item button.
    Add Portfolio item

    The new section is opened for you to edit.

  3. Click the placeholder (Choose Portfolio Item) :
    Click to choose

    A window with your Portfolio items appears.

  4. Select an item from your portfolio.
    Select an item

    The selected item appears on the right.

  5. Click the Fasten Image to Another Item click-through behavior.
    Fasten Image to Another Item

    You can now select an item to link to.

  6. Select the portfolio item to which you want to link the image (for example, the document your image represents)
    Select the item to link to

    Both the image and the document now appear on the right.

  7. Click Add to Section
    Add to Section

    When viewers of your VisualCV click on the image they will see the document you have selected.

Congratulations! You have now linked a portfolio image to a document.

Use the same technique if you'd like to

  • Fasten an image to a video file.
  • Fasten an image to an audio file.

Use a similar technique if you'd like to Drape a file with an image

  • Drape a document with an image.
  • Drape a video file with an image.
  • Drape a audio file with an image.
Fasten Image to Another Item