It's easy to track shares you've received.

You can track shares you've received from other VisualCV members in a number of places:

  • On your VisualCV dashboard, the Shares section shows how many shares you've received from other VisualCV members.
  • On the Professionals page, the All Received Shares folder shows you the professionals who have shared their VisualCVs with you. From this page, you can reciprocate a share that you've received. Tell me more about the Professionals page

To view shares you've received:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Click the You link at the top of any VisualCV page to display your VisualCV dashboard, and then click X People shared with you in the Shares section.
    • Click the triangle next to the You link at the top of any VisualCV page, and then click Shares To You.
  2. View details about which individuals or companies have shared their VisualCV with you and the date they shared it.
  3. If you want to remove an entry from the list on this page, select the box next to the entry and click Remove Shares.

TIPS: You can rearrange and narrow the list of individuals on the VisualCVs Shared to You page:

  • You can sort the list by date received by clicking the Date Shared column heading.
  • You can narrow the list to show only shares received from companies or from professionals by selecting the appropriate category from the Received From list.

To reciprocate a share:

  1. Click the triangle next to the Share link at the top of any VisualCV page, and then click With Professionals.
  2. In the Folders section, click All Received Shares.
  3. On the Professionals - Shares Received page, click Accept next to the share you would like to reciprocate.
  4. Select one or VisualCVs you would like to share back to this person, type a brief message, and then click Accept.

    NOTE: If you don't care to view a member's VisualCV or to reciprocate a share with that person, click Ignore next to the share entry. We'll remove that person from your "shares received" list.

Where should I go next?

  • View Sent Shares: See the individuals with whom you've shared your VisualCVs.
  • Unshare a VisualCV: Stop sharing a VisualCV.
  • FAQs: Visit our FAQ pages to get answers to questions you may have about sharing VisualCVs.