Stand out from the crowd!

When you hear the words “resume” or “curriculum vitae,” what is the first thing that comes to mind?

  • Are you a job applicant? Hearing those words may cause you to wonder how you will fit all of your experience on one or two pages, which words will make your resume stand out, how a printed page alone could possibly convey that you are right for the job, or whether your resume is even going to be seen by the right people.
  • Are you a recruiter? You may be envisioning a mile-high stack of folders on your desk and thinking how nice it would be to have an easier way to validate the facts a candidate lists on a resume.
  • Are you a professional speaker? You may be wishing for a more interactive way to showcase your speaking skills when booking an engagement.

Whatever your reasons are for using a resume, wouldn't it be great to do so more effectively? 

A VisualCV is a tool that helps anyone who deals with “about me” kind of information—whether seeking a job or a candidate or just networking—create and view comprehensive, visual, and interactive resumes that stand out from the rest.

A VisualCV turns flat information... Into a true "visual" and interactive resume or CV...
Before VisualCV After VisualCV
  • Inadequately conveys true personality and skills—what if you want to show people how quickly you can close a sale or how well you can tango?
  • Difficult to manage—updating and distributing a paper or PDF resume is time-consuming
  • Not secure—posting your resume on the Internet makes it accessible from any computer connected to the Internet, and depending on a printed copy can be risky too (what if your dog eats your best work sample minutes before an important interview?)
  • Brings your true personality and skills to life—enhance the words in your resume with photos, documents, charts, and even video and audio clips!
  • Easy to manage—quickly make changes and create multiple versions for different purposes
  • Secure—share your VisualCV only with the people you want to see it (which protects your personal information from maleficent beings, including your dog)

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