You can delete a private VisualCV at any time.

When you don't need a private VisualCV any more, you can delete it. We'll still keep all of the portfolio items that you used in the VisualCV in your portfolio gallery for you to reuse later.

Note: You can't delete your public VisualCV. You can, however, make another VisualCV your public one and then delete your former public one. Show me how to change a public VisualCV

To delete a VisualCV:

  1. Click the You link at the top of any VisualCV page to display your VisualCV dashboard.
  2. If the VisualCV you want to delete isn't listed at the top of your dashboard, switch it here:

    Switch VisualCV

  3. Click the triangle next to the Edit link, and then click Delete.

  4. Switch VisualCV

  5. Confirm that you really want to delete this VisualCV by clicking Delete.

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