Ready to create a VisualCV?

When you joined VisualCV, we created a starter public VisualCV for you. You can create additional, private, VisualCVs for other skill sets or job opportunities. Tell me the difference between a public and a private VisualCV

To complete your first VisualCV:

  1. Click the You link to display your VisualCV dashboard.
  2. Change your VisualCV's privacy setting: At the top of your dashboard, you'll see an entry for your first VisualCV. Beneath that entry you'll see that your VisualCV has a privacy setting of "People I share with." If you would like to take this VisualCV "offline" until it's ready for others to view, select the Only me privacy setting. Tell me more about privacy settings

    After you complete your VisualCV and are ready for others to view it, remember to come back here to change its privacy setting to "People I share with" or "Anyone."

  3. RenameRename the VisualCV: We gave your starter VisualCV the name My VisualCV. This name helps you differentiate this VisualCV from other VisualCVs you create later. Change this name if you'd like by clicking the triangle next to the Edit link, clicking Rename, then typing the new name, and clicking the Rename button.
  4. Edit your VisualCV: On your dashboard, click the Edit link next to your VisualCV.

    We'll bring you to the VisualCV editor, where you will see the beginnings of your first VisualCV. The top portion is your contact information section. Hover over each part of this example section to learn more:

  5. Contact section Affiliate logo Edit button Contact information

  6. Add a photo: Click the placeholder image to upload a photo of yourself to use on this VisualCV or to indicate that you don't want to include any image on this VisualCV.
  7. Add or change contact information: Add or change information specific to this VisualCV, such as business mailing address and phone numbers, by clicking Edit Contact Info, supplying the desired information, and clicking Save. Build this section with your VisualCV's privacy setting in mind. Tell me why
  8. Add an affiliate logo: Click the affiliate placeholder image to upload a logo to use on this VisualCV or to indicate that you don't want to include a logo on this VisualCV.

    You're now ready to add resume sections and portfolio items (see Where should I go next?, below).

To create additional VisualCVs:

  1. On your VisualCV dashboard, click My VisualCV:
    Switch VisualCV

  2. From the list, select Create a New VisualCV.
  3. Give your VisualCV a name. This name will help you differentiate this VisualCV from other VisualCVs you have created. (You can change this name later.)
  4. Select the sections you would like to include in your VisualCV as a starting point, and then click Create My VisualCV.

    You can always add or remove sections later.

TIPS: Writing a powerful resume is no easy task. We offer two great resources to help:

  • The VisualCV Marketplace an open market resource where you can find a variety of service providers who can help improve your VisualCV or assist with your job search. In the Marketplace, you'll find listings for career coaches, resume writers, videographers and photographers, certified VisualCV creators, recruiters, and certification and testing providers. Tell me more
  • Be sure to check out the excellent (and free!) eBook called the Insider's Guide to the VisualCV. Written by Louise Kursmark—Master Resume Writer and one of the leading resume-writing experts in the United States—this helpful guide will lead you through decisions about what material to include in a resume, how to include it, and how to position it for maximum impact within a VisualCV and in the minds of recruiters and potential employers. Take me to the Insider's Guide

Where should I go next?

  • Build Text Sections: Add text sections such as work and education history, skills and interests, and references to your VisualCV.
  • Add Portfolio Items: Add items from your portfolio to your VisualCV.
  • FAQs: Visit our FAQ pages to get answers to questions you may have about creating VisualCVs.