These are some of the questions we've been asked about the privacy of our service:

Am I, or any of my contacts, going to get spam?

VisualCV is a spam-free zone. We don't allow bulk email broadcasts, and we don't publish or sell your email address, now or ever. And we will only send email to your friends and colleagues when you invite them to join VisualCV or when you share your VisualCVs with them. Remember, however, if you set a VisualCV's privacy setting to "Anyone" and it contains your email address, anyone can see your email address and use it to contact you. Tell me more about my VisualCV's privacy settings


What about privacy—who can see my information?

Who can view your VisualCV depends on the privacy setting you select for it. With a privacy setting of "Anyone," anyone with an Internet connection can view your VisualCV, so build your public VisualCV's contact information section with this in mind and take care to omit personal information you might not want such a large audience to see, such as home address and telephone number. You can select a more restrictive privacy setting to limit the people who can view your VisualCV and any personal information it contains. Tell me more about a VisualCV's privacy settings


How do I know you won't pass along or sell my information?

We will never pass along or sell your personal information to anyone. This is part of our commitment to our members, a commitment we take very seriously. Show me your commitment statement