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Communication Style

Shared Services Infrastructure - Example of Idea Presentation Skills

Shared Services Infrastructure

Self strategically maintaining IT Infrastructure depiction showing ties with thorough CMDB and Reporting Feedback loops

Infrastructure Interfaces

Infrastructure Interfaces

Depiction of major IT infrastructure interfaces around the most critical and overlooked aspect of IT... Correct capacity planning and CMDB

Large Scale IT Change Methodology

Large Scale IT  Change Methodology
Process by which a large scale IT infrastructure can be made to change while a strategic approach gathers momentum

Simplified Storage Architecture

Storage Simplification

An example of a simplified view of storage architecture leveraging application owners for data management while securiting the thought of "internal storage cloud" supported by an Operations Entity.

Shared Services

Shared Services approach coupling SAAS and virtualization farms along with simplified storage architecture and demarkation of application responsibilities and operations responsibilities for data management.

Work Synopsis 2003-2008

Icon_pdf_16 Strategic Work Completed 2003-2007

Presentation of IT Strategy started in 2003 through 2007

Icon_pdf_16 Continued IT Infrastructure Strategy

Presentation depicting a continued approach to strategically change current infrastructure direction post- merger with a large Static Telco company

Icon_pdf_16 Analysis of Shared Services

An analysis and assessment for the use of Shared Services vs Virtualization or Silo approach at IT infrastructure

Icon_pdf_16 Business Demand vs Unchecked Stards

Example of an analysis and assessment of a current standard and its impact on a business unit

Icon_pdf_16 Virtualization Concepts vs Company Standards

View industry standard VMWare usage vs company standards