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Selected BBC Interviews

BBC Interviews


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Jan 12: BBC Radio 5: Wake up to money

Listen Here and 'Who is this man Alpesh Patel?'


Sky News Interviews


Feb 22: Sky News: Jeff Randall Live 'What Is a Banker Worth'


Feb 9: Sky News: Banks


Jan 19: Sky News: Jeff Randall Live

Sky News

CNBC Appearances

CNBC 4 Aug 2008

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CNBC 23/5/11 (US)

CNBC (4/4/11) (US)

CNBC 18/2/11 (Middle East)

CNBC 14/1/11 (Inflation) 

CNBC 24/11/10 (Eurozone)

CNBC 22/10/10 (Gold)

CNBC 13/9/10 (Basel III)

CNBC 13/9/10 (China)

CNBC 9/8/10 (Credit Crunch)

CNBC 16/6/10 (UK Outlook)

CNBC 21/5/10 (Oil)

CNBC 21/5/10 (UK Deficit)

CNBC 29/4/2010 (AstraZeneca)

CNBC 29/3/10 (UK Home Prices)

CNBC 18/3/10 (UK Economy)

CNBC 18/2/10 (Mortgages)

CNBC 18/2/10 (UK Deficit)

CNBC 15/1/10 (Security Policy)

Media Appearances

  • Co-Host, CNBC (2007-)
    Host, Bloomberg TV 2000-2003
  • Host, Sky TV (Newsbytes) 2002-2003
  • TV Showreel
  • TV Montage

    FT Newspaper

    Financial Times Newspaper
    • Between 1999 and 2004 Alpesh wrote the Diary of an Internet Trader column and had over 250 columns published in the paper
    • Translated for FT Deutschland
    • Published in FT USA
    • Read some of them here
    FT Columns

    Alpesh's Books

    • Author of 11 eleven books on investing, markets, entrepreneurship
    • Translated into German, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Polish, Thai, Korean
    • Published by Financial Times and Macmillan
    • Here to read more


    Alpesh on India

    Speeches India

    Alpesh's India speeches for the above organisations have covered Indian economic history, economic and political future and current economic climate.

    Alpesh on Global Markets

    Investment Speeches

    Alpesh's speeches and writings for these organisations cover the best stocks, sectors, regions to invest in globally based on value, growth, momentum.


    Alpesh has spoken in Hong Kong, India, China, Singapore, Guatemala, Spain, Hungary.


    Alpesh Patel Investment Software


    • Developed by Ionic Software and Alpesh in 2005
    • Ionic are the largest retailer of private investor software in the UK
    • This PDF explains more
    Alpesh Patel Special Edition: Sharescope


    Asia Europe Foundation

    Asia Europe Foundation

    Asef Young Leaders

    Asef Young Leaders


    • The Asia-Europe Young Leaders Symposium (AEYLS) is a forum where active young leaders on the front line in various fields from Asia and Europe discuss freely and openly ways to build a new Asia-Europe cooperation for the 21st century.
    • This symposium was proposed by the former Prime Minister of Japan, as a measure to support the ASEM, whose objective is to strengthen the ties between Asia and Europe. 
    • This program is also called "Mini-Davos Meeting" as it is modeled on the well-known "Davos Meeting," which is an annual meeting held by the World Economic Forum in Switzerland to bring together prominent leaders in every field from around the world.
    • Alpesh was invited to the AEYLS V hosted by the Malaysia (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Asia-Europe Foundation, Asia-Europe Institute in 2001, Kuala Lumpur. 


    Oxford Business Alumni

    Oxford Business Alumni

    Fellow of Royal Society of Arts

    Royal Society of Arts

    Boston University Alumnus

    Boston University Alumnus

    Bar of England & Wales

    Bar of England & Wales

    The H'nble Soc of Lincoln's Inn

    The H'nble Soc of Lincoln's Inn

    Visiting Fellow, Corpus Christi College, Oxford U

    Visiting Fellow, Corpus Christi College, Oxford U

    St Anne's College, Oxford

    St Anne's College, Oxford